• Beautiful Bellies Naturopathic Wellness Centre provides a dedicating space and time to allow women to just be and connect within. A place where she can feel supported, nurtured and safe in a non-clinical environment to take some much-deserved time out for self-care, health and wellness.

    Beautiful Bellies also knows how important it is to have a supportive community of health professionals to guide and nurture you on your journey. We at Beautiful Bellies have created a village of health care professionals who are waiting to care and support you every step of the way into motherhood.

  • Our village of Private Midwifes, Doula's, Naturopath's, Acupuncturist's and other holistic health therapists are here wanting to support you to have the most loving, nurturing and supportive experience.

    We are a Naturopathic Wellness centre specialising in Prenatal and Postnatal support, offering the following Naturopathic Massage treatments:

    🌿 Fertility Massage

    🌿 Pregnancy Loss Massage Treatment

    🌿 Pregnancy Massage

    🌿 Labour support Massage Treatment

    🌿 Postpartum Massage


Baby, We're Ready - Fertility Massage

A deep yet gentle treatment that focuses on not only calming and healing the womb to help prepare for conception, but also to support your mind and your emotions during this chapter in life.

In this treatment, we use a combination of Naturopathic botanical and essential oils, massage and reflexology to stimulate the reproductive system. 

Fertility, Womb massage is a relaxing, nourishing, non-invasive and very effective massage that is performed on your abdomen and lower back. This is a treatment every woman should experience at least once in their life, with this massage the focus is on the abdomen.

The abdominal area is a storehouse of many of our emotions like fear, anger, resentment and when we experience these emotions, our muscle fibres around that area or organs tighten and block the free flow of blood.

Fertility massage is focused on the internal organs in the abdominal cavity and helps to improve circulation in the pelvis and sacral area and adjusts the pelvis. It also works on the digestive system and gut health, promoting harmony of immune system health.

Fertility and Womb is a relaxing, nourishing, non-invasive and very effective technique that is performed on your abdomen and lower back. Working gently over the abdominal area of the reproductive and digestive systems to encourage hormonal balance, but most of all balance in the whole body to help with numerous conditions. This type of massage will help you to connect with your inner-woman, connecting your heart and the womb, that can be used at any stage of your life journey.

This gentle but deeply moving therapy is used to enhance natural conception success, for IVF and ART preparation and in support of any gynaecological concerns you might have, such as PMS, painful periods, irregular periods, blood clots, amenorrhea or the absence of period, lower back pain, endometriosis, adhesions, adenomyosis, painful intercourse, ovarian cyst, vaginitis and IBS.

Receiving this nurturing womb massage offers numerous benefits for the body; here are some below:

🌿 Encourages displaced uterus to its optimal position
🌿 Regulates menstrual cycle
Alleviates painful menstruation and ovulation
🌿 Increases circulation and promotes blood flow to the uterus
🌿 Helps with stagnation and with detoxification of the body
🌿 Helps with scar tissue
Promotes relaxation and reduces stress

Regular fertility massage is very beneficial as a complementary therapy to the IVF process. While you are trying to conceive and preparing your body for conception or undergoing IVF treatments.

The best time to have a fertility massage is after your period, before ovulation. Be sure to have a light meal approximately 2 hours before your treatment.


Made With Love - Pregnancy Loss Massage

A time in life where a woman can feel a deep loss, stress, and emotional pain placing a great impact on one’s mental, emotional and physical state, regardless of the stage of pregnancy a loss of a child is a loss and emotional healing takes time.

Beautiful Bellies pregnancy loss massage is a tranquil, relaxing and nurturing massage that combines various techniques to help realign your sacral energies and physical body assisting in grounding you and allow space for you to release stored emotions.

A gentle, natural, and non-invasive massage that is suitable to assist with cramps, pains and aches. Soothing out all your concern areas to make you feel rested, grounded and aligned with your body again. This massage will help to release the excess uterine blood and tissue that may have been left behind after your pregnancy loss or your dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, assisting your body with recovery along with allowing for a healthy regular menstrual cycle, and restore your fertility.

A post-pregnancy loss massage will help you by reducing labour pain, aches, tension, bodily pain, backaches, cramps. We know that emotional support is needed just as much if not more than the physical support at this time.

Beautiful Bellies incorporate an individualised Naturopathic flower essences therapy for you to assist you with your healing journey.

Our aim is to relax and calm the body, mind and spirit while holding nurturing space for you at this time.

Intuitive body work, Emotional realising, current energy block, Flower essence therapy, Reflexology therapy, One hour full body and womb massage therapy.


Mumma, You Are Nurtured - Pregnancy Massage

Conception to 42 weeks.

Let us take your pregnancy on a beautiful nurturing journey. We will customise the massage based around your needs and concerns at any stage of pregnancy, from the first trimester and beyond.

We will help alleviate any discomfort you may be having such as lower back pain, tension, swelling, leg cramps, and insomnia.

The massage will be performed in a side-lying position allowing optimal comfort and safety. Begin to feel a deep connection with your baby with every soothing touch. With any pregnancy massage you can choose to receive a calming belly rub.

* If you are not experiencing any contractions, it is completely safe to be massaged during your whole pregnancy. If you are between 39-41 weeks pregnant and are ready to give bub their eviction notice, We recommend you may ask your therapist to use labour preparation techniques and Naturopathic botanical oils .

Focusing on the mother-baby connection creating a warm, safe, secure nurturing environment where mum can rest, relax, and recharge.


Baby It's Time - Labour Assistance Massage

A treatment specifically designed to enhance your body’s natural desire to prepare for labour and childbirth.

Using organic labour assisting Botanicals and essential oils, acupressure techniques, and deep relaxation/breathing techniques.


New Born Mumma - Postpartum Massage

Embark on a unique sensory journey. Choose the perfect botanical and essential oil blend that your body requires to help with recovery after childbirth.

Our safe and nurturing post natal massage, will soothe your nervous system and help ease any discomforts.

We provide extra padding for your breasts and tummy to ensure there is no strain on the body, allowing you to become fully rejuvenated and replenished.

We ensure every massage is handled with love and respect, as you start your journey with motherhood. (Recommended up to six months post birth).