Baby, We're Ready Fertility Massage

1hour | $85

Fertility massage is a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage that combines various techniques to help realign your sacral energies and physical body. It is a gentle, natural, and non-invasive massage that is suitable for people who are trying to fall pregnant, who suffer from menstrual conditions causing pain and discomfort, or have a menstrual condition that may be affecting the outcome for fertility.

Fertility massage aims to release tension within the abdominal muscles, soft tissue, and pelvic area that may be impinging on the function of your reproductive system. Through massage and other gentle techniques, we can improve circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, nervous, and immune system function, decrease tension within the area, and aim to create a more harmonious environment that can help to enable a healthy pregnancy.

Made With Love Pregnancy Loss Massage

1.5 Hours | $125

A time in life where a woman can feel a deep loss, stress, and emotional pain placing a great impact on one’s mental, emotional and physical state, regardless of the stage of pregnancy a loss of a child is a loss and emotional healing takes time. Beautiful Bellies pregnancy loss massage is a tranquil, relaxing and nurturing
massage that combines various techniques to help realign your sacral energies and physical body assisting in grounding you and allow space for you to release stored emotions.

A gentle, natural, and non-invasive massage that is suitable to assist with cramps, pains and aches. Soothing out all your concern areas to make you feel rested,
grounded and aligned with your body again. This massage will help to release the excess uterine blood and tissue that may have been left behind after your pregnancy loss or your Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, assisting your body with recovery along with allowing for a healthy regular menstrual cycle, and restore your fertility.

A post-pregnancy loss massage will help you by reducing labour pain, aches, tension, bodily pain, backaches, cramps. We know that emotional support is needed just as much if not more than the physical support at this time, At Beautiful Bellies we incorporate an individualised Naturopathic flower essences therapy for you to assist you with your healing journey.

Our aim is to relax and calm the body, mind and spirit while holding nurturing space for you at this time.

  • Intuitive body work
  • Emotional realising current energy block
  • Flower essence therapy
  • Reflexology therapy
  • One hour full body and womb massage therapy

Mama, You Are Nurtured Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour | $85

Conception to 42 weeks

Pregnancy is a constant state of change, a Beautiful Bellies pregnancy massage offers you wonderful support throughout the perinatal period as the body undergoes many changes. Assisting and relieving you of any discomforts, allowing you to enjoy and relax throughout your pregnancy.

I believe a well-supported mum will have a wonderful journey into motherhood. Regular pregnancy massages will help to support you through the many changes
occurring from week to week, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to adapt through these stages of pregnancy. focusing on the mother-baby connection creating a
warm, safe, secure nurturing environment where mum can rest, relax, and recharge. The Beautiful Bellies experience assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy.

We aim to promote connection and bonding between you and your baby/babies, prepare you for birth with various techniques, and allow space for your birth
hormones to be uninterrupted, and work their magic.

Pregnancy massage is suitable during all trimesters.

Baby It's Time - Labour Assistance Massage

1.5 Hours | $125

From to 38 weeks to gestation

A Night-time treatment specifically designed to enhance your body’s natural desire to prepare for labour and childbirth, our tailored Naturopathic “Baby It’s Time” treatments include the use of organic labour assisting Botanicals and essential oils, naturopathic gentle oxytocin labour assisting organic botanical blend oils, acupressure techniques, and deep relaxation/breathing techniques. Other adjunct therapies may be used if indicated such as flower essence therapy, meditation support to decrease the stress response. You will be supported with a Naturopathic PDF treatment plan to support and ground you leading up to the commencement of labour.

Beautiful Bellies offers mums a 60 minute labour Induction support massage with 30 minutes of reflexology/ acupressure therapy, suitable from 38 weeks of pregnancy. Baby, It’s Time massage is a well-known and safe method to assist with the onset of labour.

What is acupressure good for?
Studies show Acupressure not only helps pregnant women prepare for labour, but it is also a very efficient tool during childbirth for pain relief, helping babies to descend, and also with stimulating lactation/let down once baby arrives. Acupressure is an ideal option for mums who enjoy having an effective body treatment with or without oil.

Acupressure treatment combined with a massage will relieve both the physical and mental discomfort of pregnancy while relaxing mum in her late stages promoting the oxytocin hormone that supports contractions and the onset of labour.

Why Night time?
Melatonin is the key, this fabulous hormone interacts with oxytocin to promote contractions, and melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for encouraging us to go to sleep! So clearly it reaches its peak during the dark hours, making us more likely to go start contracting in the evening.

From 37 weeks, this treatment is used to assist in naturally inducing labour. I have found this to be one of the most effective, safest, and most pleasant, methods of
assisting with natural labour.

New Born Mama Postpartum Massage

1 Hour | $85

Ground yourself into this next chapter 

The excitement of a new baby to welcome into the world can fill you with a roller coaster of emotions. Taking the time to adjust to this great responsibility can seem overwhelming, but filled with excitement. Beautiful Bellies postnatal massage allow you time to relax and relieve any built-up anxiety having a positive effect to ease postpartum blues.

A nurturing treatment designed to treat your body to a complete mode of relaxation. This massage focuses on relaxing the body, unwinding the mind and enhancing your connection with your body. Using a beautiful balm that contains relaxing herbs and breastfeeding safe essential oils, you will leave feeling peaceful and calm.

We recommend that you consult with your health care provider for approval before booking in for a postpartum massage to allow for complete recovery after your birth.