New Born Mumma - Postpartum Massage and Facial Package

120 minutes | $195

The "New Born Mumma - Postpartum Massage and Facial Package" combines the healing benefits of a rejuvenating massage and a refreshing facial to help you recover and restore your well-being.

Woman's Massage and Facial Package

120 minutes | $195

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate pampering experience with our "Woman's Massage and Facial Package." Let us take care of you from head to toe, providing a blissful escape and leaving you feeling renewed, refreshed, and radiantly beautiful.


"I am never not a new person after I walk out of Claire’s treatment room.

It doesn’t matter how stressed, anxious, tired or sore I am when I walk in I never fail to feel rested, reenergised and float on my way out.

This has been the best investment for my pregnancy."


"I received the "Baby it's Time" Labour Assitance Massage as a gift. It was everything and more. I was extremely well taken care of during my treatment. Claire was so professional, reassuring and grounding for me, just what I needed!

I highly recommend Beautiful Bellies to anyone. Thank you Claire for all you support."


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